Iconik Photophore Hurricane Small
Iconik Photophore Hurricane Small

Iconik Photophore Hurricane Small

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A Modern and elegant piece, the hurricane is designed to enhance the burning candle. Made in silver plate with an oak wood base, the openwork sheets of the large hurricane create light effects as they pass by the glow of the flame. The reflective walls articulate around the candle to create a space of expression where the flame can dance freely.
Ideal for a tealight or a 3 ounce candle.

Christofle is expanding its Fragrance collection by creating three new objects, two of which are signed with a new iconographic motif.
When lighting a candle, it is the decorative object which will use the flame to create the atmosphere and the emotions asscociated with scent. These accessories are a way to diffract and intensify the light. The patterns and cutouts are enhanced thanks to the flickering flame. They are ideal for adding elegance to your table or room bringing bright scenes and exquisite aromas to your space.
Experience the Art of Living by Christofle.
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