Naifeh Fine Jewelry is not your typical jeweler.

At Naifeh Fine Jewelry, quality and attention to detail make gems and precious metals even brighter. Naifeh Specializes in boutique, high-end jewelry designers, as well as custom jewelry design. Now in Nichols Hills Plaza, Naifeh has been offering one-of-a-kind jewelry in Oklahoma for 25 years.

About the Artist

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Emotions Collection

There is jewelry you simply wear, and there is jewelry you most possess; jewelry that speaks to your sense and touches the core of who you are. It awakens in you an ancient memory of times long past and moments yet to come.

The Emotions Collection

Rooted in the ancient art of Middle Eastern and Etruscan metalsmithing. Available only in 22kt yellow gold, each piece is truly one of a kind as no molds are used in production. Every piece is hand fabricated using old world techniques and each granulated bead is applied by hand to create intricate modern designs around precious gemstones and pearls.

Elements Collection

What are the elements of good jewelry design? A clean line, a soft curve, perfect proportion, functionality, and classical styling that doesn't rely too heavily on the past.
The Elements Collection fuses 18kt gold and platinum with luminous pearls, shimmering diamonds, and gumdrop colored gemstones. The result? Timeless treasures to collect and wear forever!


From our Customers


I took some cuff links in for repair. They're about 30 and 25 years old and have more of a sentimental value to me than monetary value. The team was very respectful of my concern for their safety and gave me a very detailed report of their condition and potential repairs. I was very impressed with the finished cuff links and the care and attention they gave to my valued items. We are lucky to have great craftsmen in OKC for jewelry.

Xavier N.

Kaycee is a fantastic sales rep. She listened well, asked questions, and went beyond to help me find the right gift. They have a lot of interesting pieces. Additionally, the entire Naifeh team was friendly and welcoming. Excellent customer experience... I highly recommend choosing Naifeh for your next fine jewlery purchase.



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