The Rock Star
The Rock Star

The Rock Star

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This one-of-a-kind ring is a true work of art! A rare and captivating Star Sapphire is complemented by exquisite Diamonds and shades of pink and lavender Sapphires. This ring exudes luxury, sophistication, and individuality making it a perfect symbol of unique style and refinement.

18 karat yellow gold
1 Oval lavender star Sapphire, 51.57 total carat weight
18 Round pink Sapphires, 2.43 total carat weight
2 Pear shaped lavender Sapphires, 1.02 total carat weight
2 Oval pink Sapphires, 0.53 total carat weight
Diamond Melee, 0.72 total carat weight
Size 6.5
Item# 200-01032