Rainbow Bracelet
Rainbow Bracelet
Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow Bracelet

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Robert Procop iconic pieces showcase an exquisite collection of all-natural, rare stones, carefully selected for their exceptional brilliance and vibrant colors. The Sapphires, in a vibrant array of hues, span the entire spectrum of the rainbow, from the vivid blues of the sea to the fiery oranges of a setting sun, these Sapphires bring an explosion of color and vibrancy to the bracelet. The Emeralds are meticulously selected for their exceptional color and clarity from majestic emerald cuts to graceful round shapes, each Emerald exhibits its own unique personality, creating an enchanting symphony of greens that captures the imagination. Whether worn for a grand occasion or cherished as a treasured heirloom, this bracelet is a timeless testament to the artistry of fine craftsmanship and the beauty that lies within extraordinary gemstones.

18 karat rose and yellow gold
18 Various shaped Rubies,1.90 total carat weight
18 Various shaped Emeralds, 1.41 total carat weight
90 Multi-color Sapphires, 9.45 total carat weight
167 Round Diamonds, 4.31 total carat weight
Size 7
Item# 240-00332