There is one quality that is
unique to every piece of jewelry
you own—sentimental value.

As jewelry gets handed down from generation to generation it becomes
more and more valuable. Not necessarily in a monetary sense; but in what it
means to the owner. If a piece gets damaged it can be devastating. But it
doesn't have to be. Naifeh prides in repairing and restoring antique pieces.
Whether it is a ring that needs a prong repaired to keep your precious stone
in place or a necklace that needs the clasp replaced, Naifeh will treat your
piece with the utmost love and care. Whether you need it repaired for daily
wear or restored to look like new, let Naifeh breath new life into your
treasured family heirlooms.


Custom pieces designed
specifically for you!

Have a precious stone you have inherited? Our designers can turn it into
the ring of your dreams! Perhaps a ring from an ancestor you'd like to
turn into a new custom necklace? Our designers have the creativity and
the skill to transform your heirloom into a beautiful custom piece that
you will be proud to hand down to the next generation. Maybe you and
your fiancee are looking for that unique piece that brings elements
together that you both want to see in a ring. From start to finish we will
work with you to help realize your goal.

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