Even Santa Needs a Little Help

The air was frigid and a sweeping Oklahoma wind whistled throughout town as a jolly old man landed in Nichols Hills, wearing clothes of red and fluffy white. He was in need of a helping hand. With the trendy requests of fashionable men and women everywhere, he simply could not keep up this Christmas. The Christmas season represents the pinnacle of gift-giving, and everyone wants their special someone to have the perfect present. This man, Nicholas Claus (affectionately known as Santa), was well-aware of the importance of Christmas. Thus, he chartered a private sleigh out to the best in the business…Naifeh Fine Jewelry.

A freshly stirred Old Fashioned and the Naifeh signature scent welcomed him into the glamorous store in Nichols Hills Plaza. Valerie Naifeh had been expecting him, and she came prepared. With collections of men’s and women’s jewelry ranging from classic to trendy, all of these dazzling jewels captured the heart of Santa Claus. He explored the fine Turkish craftsmanship of the Lika Behar collection, and was awe-struck by the glitz and glamour of Robert Procop. Santa knew he had come to the right place. Enamored by all of the timeless pieces, he began phoning his elves to ship out the fabulous jewelry in droves. The beautiful jewels made their way under each family’s tree, resulting in happy wives (and even happier husbands) on Christmas morning.