Brilliance: The Art and Science of Rare Jewels


 Valerie Naifeh and Celebrity Jeweler, Robert Procop partnered up to bring an incredible jewel-filled experience to life for a few lucky guests.

Robert Procop is a Legend at the top of his industry. To date he is the only American to have served the Royal family of Great Britain, becoming the CEO of Asprey & Garard for 7 years at the bequest of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. He has since established his own fine jewelry house, Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels. He has a passion for locating large gems and crafting magnificent settings around them. Each of his pieces are a unique work of art, placed only in the highest quality, high-end retailers.[1] Procop uses only the finest natural, non-heated treated stones, making his creations some of the most covetable and collectable in the gem world. Procop also collaborates with celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brooke Sheilds.

Over the last few years, Valerie has formed a professional relationship with Robert Procop, introducing his line to her store and re-defining the luxury market in Oklahoma City.

 On Feburary 19-21, Valerie Naifeh and Calyn Jump escorted clients to the brand new exhibit, Brilliance: the Art and Science of Rare Jewels at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.

Procop worked tirelessly with Dr. Aaron Celestian to bring a magnificent collection of the world’s rarest and finest gems to LA. Dr. Celestian oversees the Gem and Mineral hall at Natural History Museum. He researches the effect of minerals on the environment and is an Affiliate Research Scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The collaboration between Procop and Celestian enabled new research opportunities to better understand the geologic processes which form these exceptional gems.[2] Their work has generated extensive new knowledge of Earth’s geologic history. Exhibit goers were wowed by huge specimens of rough gems, such as Ruby, Topaz, and Aquamarine as well as the world’s largest and finest blue Diamond.


Valerie and her guests stayed at the historic Beverly Wilshire hotel. They enjoyed VIP tours of the museum’s gem hall and gem vault, visits to Procop’s creative studio, and an exclusive dinner experience each evening.

             From left to right; Calyn Jump, Stephen Moore and Valerie Naifeh





 [2] Brilliance: The Art and Science or Rare Jewels, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County